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Children’s Day 20 November

Children’s Day 20 November


Children’s Day

Sat 20 November




Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th of November. It’s all about supporting children’s rights and helping children everywhere. World Children’s Day is a day for children, by children.

The day is designed to put a spotlight on key issues affecting children and to have a voice

All children have the same rights, no matter where they live or who they are, no matter their race, no matter their gender or any other status.

A child is a child.

Bereavement & Children

SOFT Ireland

Children are always affected by a death in the family. Each child will grieve differently, depending on their age, maturity, personality, and experience. Even very young children will realise that something is happening in their family.

Various problems may emerge with your children. For example some children may develop vague physical symptoms of feeling unwell. Others may develop stomach aches, headaches, or have episodes of bed-wetting, tantrums or tearfulness. At school a child may not progress as normal, be disruptive in class or have difficulty concentrating. Other children can become sullen, withdrawn, and do not communicate well with their parents. On the other hand, your son or daughter may adopt the role of being perfect and cause no problems.

We can talk about our baby that we will always love

It is very sad and we are allowed to shed a tear.

We can shed a tear but we are open to moments of joy as well

We can light a candle, write a tribute or say a prayer