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Darkness Into light Saturday May 11

Darkness Into light

Saturday May 11 Early Morning 5k Walk

Each year the Darkness Into Light 5K walk provides an opportunity for people to connect with their local community and to show their support for those who have been bereaved by suicide.

Saturday, May 11. Times vary in venues all around the world so check on your venue page for start time.  It’s very early on Saturday morning wherever you are.


“Walk with us, talk with us, so that together we can create a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance.”

Some members of S.O.F.T. Ireland are using this as pre event warm up for the VHI Mini Marathon on Sun 2 June 2019. We plan to double if not quadruple our numbers this year for the VHI Mini Marathon and everything is looking good. It will help improve your fitness, performance, health and character!