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For: Odin Mac Lir McDonnell

Date of Birth: 07/21/2015

From: Melody Rutkowski & John McDonnell


Odin you were our love, our hope, our precious baby boy. We miss you everyday and hope you are playing with your brothers and sisters in heaven.
Love you always,
Mommy & Daddy

A birthday wish x

For: Conor Stone

Date of Birth: 8th November 2012

From: Robbie & Michelle


Happy 3rd birthday Conor. We miss you everyday. You are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. We love you so much, now and forever. All our love always, mommy and daddy xxxx

My precious son Josef

For: Josef Shane Gallagher

Date of Birth: 07/01/2016

From: Teresa Gallagher


My wee darling Josef, words cant explain how much i miss you. I love you so much. Life will never be the same. Thankyou for letting me be your mammy, even for such a short time. Mammy needs you baby, dont leave me yet. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Our Beautiful Angel Lucy

For: Lucy Kavanagh

Date of Birth: 18/05/2016

From: Mammy & Daddy


Not a day goes by when you’re not in our thoughts or in our hearts.
I wish I could have had the chance to hold and kiss you,
To look into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are & to tell you everything I am and ever will be is yours.
We are blessed you touched our lives in the way you did.
You will always be with us. We love you forever and always
Love Aoife & Jason xxx


For: Sorcha McNicholas

Date of Birth: 07/03/2005

From: Monica McNicholas


It’s taken me a long time to do this: we only had you with us for such a short while, it was a privilage
to have you in our lives. I love you, and miss you every day, and hope your nanas and grandad are looking after you,
you’ll always have a very special place in my heart, I know you watch over me,
Mammy xxxxx

Our beautiful daughter Lucy

For: Lucy Kellett

Date of Birth: 18th March 2003

From: Emma & Darren Kellett


It’s been 10 years now and our hearts are still broken..
I wish I could have one more cuddle..
Your big sister Hannah has always spoken of you in school to her friends and of course
your two little sisters & brother who always visit you to have a chat.
Everytime we go to the beach they always collect shells to bring back & put on your grave.
You are included in our hearts in everything we do as a family.
I wish time would make my heart ache less but it still feels like yesterday .
Hannah choose your name as her confirmation name & was so proud , she felt very close to you that day .
We all love you so so much & miss you beyond belief
All our love forever Mammy Daddy Hannah Emily Jack & Grace xxxxxx

Happy 5th Birthday

For: LilyMay Stanley

Date of Birth: 7th May 2008

From: Alma stanley


Our beautiful LilyMay, Another year passes. Thinking of you all this month especially on the 7th of May as you would have been 5 years old. Once again the Garden is coming into full bloom which reminds us of the beautiful day we took you home in your car seat for a short while. Miss you more and more every day. Love Mum, Dad, Jane, Tom and Adam xoxoxox

Missed u today.

For: LilyMay Stanley

Date of Birth: 7th May 2008

From: Alma stanley


My beautiful LilyMay,
Thinking of you especially today as I watched all the Junior Infants start there first day at school.
Today should have been your day.
Lots of love , Miss u so much. Mum X

Loved and Missed

For: Dayna

Date of Birth: 19/12/14

From: Diana


You were 7 months old yesterday little princess sorry your big sister hadn’t time to say a prayer I was struggling the whole day princess :(( I hope you can see all them candles I light for you at the grave and cuddle your teddy hoping it was you

Angel Elaine

For: Elaine fagan

Date of Birth: 21st march 1986

From: Kay & Michael Fagan


For most people,when you mention Valentine’s Day,a few things come to,chocolates,cuddly toys,cards and of course Love.
14 th February 2011 for us will always be remembered as the day our beautiful smiling daughter Elaine was called back to heaven after 25 years of happiness and love .

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