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Tribute Book

S.O.F.T. Tribute Book

S.O.FT. Ireland decided to dedicate a page to each child in a well bound and presented book. This was to be known as the Tribute Book. It was made in Dublin at the request of Noreen and Michael Mulhall. It is not restricted to deceased children but also dedicated to living children. Hence the name “Tribute Book”.
The pages in the book are of excellent quality and are quite large between A4 and A3 in size. The only drawback is that the pages cannot conveniently be posted. A special effort is made to have the book available at the Family Outing and Autumn Break for viewing and especially updates. All the information on the page from baby’s name to brothers’/sisters’ names is written in using a calligrapher.
The personal message is written in by a parent(s) with a memento attached. The personal message contains sentiments about the child. This includes a poem or sample phrases like….
“ A child is like a butterfly in the wind… Our only beloved daughter and sister….Our precious gift from God… You will always be loved…Always in our memories… Thinking of you… You passed away peacefully in our arms… Sweet dreams little one… A tiny flower… Life will never be the same without you… We love and miss you so very much… Our little bud that never bloomed……etc”
The memento is anything that fits flat on the page and is small in size. A passport size photo, a photocopy of a photograph, a fingerprint or a footprint etc. (Hold on to your originals).

The completed “Tribute Book Sample Page” should be brought along to the Family Outing or Autumn Break.  

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Tribute Book Test Sample Page HERE:→  The Tribute Book