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Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18 - (Patau's/Edward's Syndrome)

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Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18

Set up by parents for parents of Trisomy children, SOFT, the Support Organisation for Trisomy, in Ireland, is a voluntary group dedicated to providing support for families of children born with Patau’s Syndrome (Trisomy 13), Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18) and related chromosomal disorders. Support is provided during prenatal diagnosis, during the child’s life and after the child’s passing.

SOFT puts families in contact with one another, provides information, funds bereavement counselling, funds respite assistance, publishes the SOFT booklet Why Our Baby and a newsletter, organises conferences and arranges professional speakers, do fundraising through various events and links with S.O.F.T. organisations worldwide.

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