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S.O.F.T. Ireland awarded 2024 RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Grant

S.O.F.T. Ireland

Awarded 2024 RTÉ

Toy Show

Appeal Grant


S.O.F.T. Ireland awarded 2024 RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Grant by Community Foundation Ireland.

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Inspired by children, the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal works to bring the magic of the Late Late Toy Show to every child in Ireland. It achieves this by funding essential support, health, wellbeing, play and creativity; these grants will change children’s lives for good.

Thanks to the continued generosity of the Irish public and viewers of the Toy Show, the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2023 raised over €3,600,000  which will now be distributed across 122 grants . More than 1.1 million children, young people and their families in every county on the Island of Ireland will be impacted by this funding

Improving Wellbeing S.O.F.T. Ireland Services and Equipment for our Children with Patau’s Syndrome (T13) or Edwards’ Syndrome (T18) and for our Bereaved Children of a T13 or T18 Sibling

S.O.F.T Ireland applied under Thematic Strand Improving Wellbeing and Primary Issue is Health and Wellbeing. Health and Wellbeing focuses on supporting children living with disabilities and life limiting conditions.

We will provide funding for Therapy Sessions (Physio, Occupational, Speech and Language, Hydro, Massage, Play, Equine etc.) for our special children as HSE provides little or none of these and families are paying privately when they can afford them. 

We will provide funding towards a ceiling hoist, wheelchair buggy, p.pod chair, eye gaze technology and tablet with educational apps.

We have 40 children approx. who are the bereaved siblings of a Trisomy child.  Our Family Outing in Spring and Autumn Break in October/November are ideal opportunities for bereaved children and parents to meet. We will organise activities for children while the AGM is in progress.

We will organise a speaker on Children’s Bereavement and Genetics at our Autumn Break this November. We will also have a Children’s Disco after the Saturday night dinner. This will help bereaved children’s grieving process.

Community Foundation Toy Show Appeal Grant List 2024