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Ros Na Rún

Mairtin O’Cathasaigh as Clint Montgomery


Ros na Rún

Starring Mairtin O’Cathasaigh

as Clint Montgomery



Congratulations to Mairtin O’Cathasaigh on making his debut in Ros na Rún on Wed 16 Nov at 8.30p.m.on TG4. Mairtin and his parents Margaret & Liam Casey are a big part of our SOFT Family and SOFT is a big fan of Ros Na Run! But will he be the new rogue?

Ros Na Rún TG4 S27 E21

Duration: 24:44 First Broadcast: 15.11.22

Parental Rating: G Worldwide

Days Left: Unlimited

Subtitles Setting on Bottom Right Hand Side of TG4 Player Screen. Select Subtitles English.!

“Sorcha confronts Greg about cashing Michelle’s cheque. Will Greg admit that he did it, or spin another lie? Bobbi Lee and Niall devise a plan to get back at Mack for ruining their wedding day. But will Mack fall for their ruse?” TG4

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