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Solar Eclipse Monday 8 April 2024

Solar Eclipse Monday 8 April 2024


Solar Eclipse

Mon 8 Apr 2024




A partial eclipse may be visible especially in the west of Ireland on Monday 8 April 2024 around 8pm or before at sunset as the sun goes down and will finish before sun disappears.

A total solar eclipse is when the Sun’s surface is entirely covered by the shadow of the Moon.

A partial solar eclipse is when the Moon’s shadow only covers part of the Sun. A solar eclipse happens when the Moon rotates between the Earth and the Sun and then blocking part or all of the Sun’s rays from reaching the Earth. It should be possible to catch a partial eclipse from the West of Ireland just before sunset for about half an hour and on higher ground in the rest of Ireland for somewhat less time. The Sun will be low on the horizon and may be set before the eclipse is over. You could see an up to 25% partial eclipse.

If you don’t have solar eclipse glasses pierce a hole using a pin into one piece of paper. With your back to the Sun, hold that paper high so the sun’s rays can shine through that small little hole. Then hold up the another piece of paper in front of you onto which the Sun’s rays will be projected. Don’t stare at the sun with naked eye.

Good Luck and hopefully it is not a SOFT day!