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SOFT Ireland Old Newsletters

SOFT Ireland Old Newsletters


6thApril 1992

Hello Everyone

“Enclosed is our first newsletter. The second one will be posted before out next meeting of the 16 May, and will include minutes of the last meeting in Dublin. Marie will take it that everyone has read these, and hopes the formal part of the meeting on 16th will be kept to a minimum.

At this stage I would like if people submitted articles for inclusion in the next newsletter.

This first issue is very small in comparison to the English newsletter but as you will appreciate theirs is full of letters from members. Please send me details of your thoughts on S.O.F.T. Ireland, details of the fundraising etc. and all will be gratefully accepted and published.”

First Newsletter CLICK HERE

S.O.F.T. Ireland Second Newsletter


S.O.F.T Ireland

Newsletter No 2

Summer 1992

21 June 1992

This Newsletter is quite a lot more substantial than out first, and includes all the happenings of a very busy S.O.F.T. organisation here in Ireland. What with parachute jump, wine tasting, coffee mornings, and a table quiz there’s just no stopping now!

Second Newsletter Click HERE

S.O.F.T. Ireland Third Newsletter



S.O.F.T. Ireland

Third Newsletter

November 1993


This Newsletter has a lot more content than the first two and also reflects the advances in technology. We have a cover but it’s still black and white and we had the RAINBOW even then.

It still includes all the happenings of a very busy S.O.F.T. organisation here in Ireland. There were numerous speakers at conferences and we even had a spot on RTE Radio. Read it all yourself!

Third Newsletter Click Here