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Northern Irl SOFT UK Meet Up

Northern Irl SOFT UK Meet UP

Northern Irl SOFT UK Meet UP

Northern Ireland SOFT UK Meet Up

Date: Sat 10th February 2024

 Paula and Alex were invited to go to 2nd Annual Regional Meet up taking place on 10th Feb, at the Corr’s Corner Hotel from 1pm to 5pm to network and meet their SOFT UK Northern Ireland families. We were invited by Sonia Sankoli, Communications Officer SOFT UK. We were delighted to attend the Meet up taking place.

We were made to feel at home and had tea and coffee and buns and more supplied. We had a special cake that was made with SOFT on the icing on top with other decorations. There was plenty of parking available onsite and lots of refreshments provided for the afternoon. A great location for everyone especially for us from down there with easy navigation. Simple as for those who understand M1, A1, M1, M2 and A8 and bingo you end up at Corr’s Corner.

After introductions, welcomes and updates the chat flowed and heart felt conversations took place especially about “PGT” etc. How things change with modern technology! But enough just to say we will return to that another day.

Paula and I would like to thank Sonia for inviting us and we were delighted to attend to keep conversations and networking going. We were delighted to meet Northern Ireland representatives Hannah and Chloe who are keeping the show on the road there.

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SOFT UK Family Day

Northern Ireland

Sat 11 Feb 2023


S.O.F.T. Ireland were delighted to receive an invitation to this event on Saturday 11 February in Belfast. Ann Rooney and Paula Doyle travelled north bringing copies of our handbook “Why Our Baby?” and our “Patau’s Syndrome T13 Edwards’ Syndrome T18 Pre-Natal Diagnosis Support & Information Leaflet”. They gave a brief history and outline of our supports for trisomy families.

It was a great opportunity to meet all the SOFT UK representatives including Chairperson Jan Fowler and Sonia Sankoli – Communications Officer and Support Volunteer … Northern Ireland representatives Hannah O Gallachoir and Chloe Jordan, parents and grandparents and hear their stories.