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Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2024

Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

Sun 2nd June 2024


SOFT Ireland

VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

Sunday 2 June 2024

SOFT Ireland Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2024 on Sunday 2nd June!

Register HERE

SOFT’s GivenGain Fudraising Campaign Page

The 2024 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is an outstanding opportunity to fundraise for SOFT and it will make a huge difference. Help raise much-needed funds. Get ready to get registered on VHI Women’s Mini Marathon Page as an individual first. 


GivenGain is offering Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon fundraisers the chance to win a hotel stay and dinner for two people over the event weekend!Here’s how to get in on the action:

See the full competition T&Cs here.Make your mini marathon more meaningful by running for our charity this year.


See Below for Tips on How to Register HERE

8 min Timeout on page so read below and be ready

Event Category (Most people will be walking)

 Elite – sub 45mins 10K (time subject to validation and min age 18)

 Running – sub 60mins 10K (time subject to validation)

 Fast Jogging – sub 75mins 10K (time subject to validation)

 Jogging – sub 90mins 10K

 Walking – Max 3 hours (wheelchair users should select this category)

Are you VHI member YES or NO

AAI Club if member YES (Select Club) or NO

Redeem you free Tshirt and Select Size Small Medium or Large

Tshirt Postage €5.75

Collect €0 at InterSport Elverys Stores Two Only  Fonthill D22 K2V5 or Dundrum D16 VC58

Postage €3 Race Number

Collect €0 at InterSport Elverys Stores Two  Fonthill D22 K2V5 or Dundrum D16 VC58

Special Requirements if applicable Yes a wheelchair participant Yes visually impaired

Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

Personalise your MedalYour iTAB will arrive in the post after race day. Postage €8.50

An iTAB is an engraved insert which personalises your Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon medal with your name & finish time or new to this year a short message instead.

For another €9.99 you can receive the FinisherPix Photo Pack in Digital Format. This offer is only available prior to the event.

Tick Would you like to view pics for free

I will create my own GivenGain Page after entry. (N.B.)

Can be done on SOFT Campaign page afterwards as you will have enough questions .

Tick Waiver Form

Get a single use 20%Voucher at Intersport Elverys and Click to Unlock your Code

COUNTDOWN STARTED  66 days 20 hours 03 minutes 29 seconds

Overall Costs Entry Fee €33+ Number Postage €3 + Processing Fee 8% €2.88 Total €38.88

Tshirt extra, (Looks nice but a Personal Choice as SOFT will have Red Tshirts available at least for Pre Race Photo and last years is still OK!) Engraving and Pics also extra.

Warm up your Credit Card!

Tips to Create Project

See SOFT’s GivenGain Campaign Page

Go to Start Fundraising to create your own project

Login or Create account and  best to use your email

Type code sent to email (Instead of a Password)

Choose a charity to support and Select the  SOFT Ireland Logo


Accept Cookies

Edit Project Title: Mary’s (Your Name) SOFT Women’s Mini Marathon 2024

Edit Details: Set your target amount and the end date for your fundraising project

Target amount 250      Currency Eur Deadline 30th June 2024

Edit Story: with your own story and save at bottom.


“I am (Mary is) raising funds for SOFT Ireland in memory of  ……. who was born with Patua’s/Edwards’ Syndrome Trisomy 13/18.”

Change “I am” to “Mary is” (your own first name” to identify you better or everyone else will just see “I am”

Click “Looks good! Make it go live”

You can always Login (instead of create)and edit at a later date.

More Updates later