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Coombe Hospital Annual Service of Remembrance 2024

Coombe Hospital

Annual Service of Remembrance

Sunday 7th April 2024

At 3pm

Our Lady of Dolours Church

Dolphin’s Barn

South Circular Road

Dublin 8


A moving ceremony took place today in remembrance of babies bereaved at the Coombe Hospital. It started with a Welcome Address by the Master of the Coombe Hospital followed by an Opening Prayer by the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Dolours Church. This was followed by an Offertory Procession. The Pascal Candle Light from the Easter Vigil Candle was taken to the centre of the church to light the memorial candles in order.

1 A Candle for Bereaved Parents

2 A Candle for Bereaved Siblings

3 A Candle for Bereaved Grandparents

4 A Candle for Bereaved Staff of the Coombe

5 A Candle for Support Services

6 Coombe Chaplin invites each Family to light their baby’s candle from the Pascal Candle.

7 Hand made Baby Outfits, Knitter and Sewing Representatives placed at Altar

8 Book of Remembrance with a page for each bereaved child in Calligraphy at Altar.

This was followed by a Reflective Hymn “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, a Reading from a Psalm, a Scripture reading, Prayers of Intercession by various people, a Reflection on the death of the Beloved, Concluding Address, Concluding Blessing and Recessional Hymn “Remember Me”. Thanks to the Coombe Hospital for organising the service and all those involved including Staff Choir. It was a Privilege  and a Heart Rendering Experience for S.O.F.T. Ireland that were in attendance.

“The lighting of a memorial candle serves as a way to honour and pay tribute to the life of the deceased. It also symbolizes the continuation of the life of the deceased in spirit, and serves as a reminder that the memory of the loved one will live on.”


Our Lady of Dolours Church

View the service

on Webcam: HERE



Coombe Hospital History

“The Coombe Hospital is one of the largest providers of women and newborn health care in the Republic of Ireland. We care for up to 10,000 pregnant women every year. In addition, over 1,000 infants are admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Centre and over 8,000 adult surgical operations are performed. The hospital provides comprehensive care for women and newborns at local, regional and national levels.
The hospital promotes and supports normality in pregnancy and child birth; the hospital also provides a comprehensive range of highly specialised care in high risk maternal and fetal medicine, newborn medicine, anaesthesia and gynaecology.” Coombe Hospital”