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Kircubbin Integrated Primary School Non Uniform Day

Kircubbin Integrated Primary School

Non Uniform Day

Kircubbin Integrated Primary School hosted a non uniform day for S.O.F.T. Ireland. The children dressed in rainbow colours from SOFT logo on Friday 1 March 2024 to raise funds for SOFT Ireland who help to support one of their own families.  Thanks for their generosity and they have raised over £410!  Well done everyone!

The school had a visit from SOFT Ireland (Paula and Alex) on Monday 11 March 2024 at assembly to present them with the proceeds and find out more about SOFT. Alex is Chairperson of SOFT and had met Alfie’s family including Charlie who were in attendance. Proceedings were opened by Roger the school principal who welcomed us all. Alphie spoke about Charlie his brother and SOFT. Paula spoke about SOFT and had a copy of “Why Our Baby Book?”, a Pre- Natal leaflet and a Newletter that SOFT produce.

The pupils on the School Council at Kircubbin Integrated Primary School get to choose two of the charities they support during the school year. This year they have chosen to support SOFT Ireland as they have a pupil in P7 (Alfie) whose younger brother (Charlie) has been supported by their work.  In order to raise funds they hosted a non uniform day. The School Council have written an article about the event and will go into the SOFT Newsletter this Summer along with photos. Alphie’s speech will also appear which is very emotional and there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall! The children were very well behaved and this a credit to the Principal, the Staff and the Pupils themselves.

 “At Kircubbin Integrated Primary School we firmly believe that we all need to love and be loved.  Through core integrated principles of equality, faith and values, parental involvement and social responsibility we aim to ensure all within our school community are valued, respected and loved.  In learning to love, our children can love to learn and achieve their full potential.”

The first ever Integrated school was opened by parents in Belfast in 1981. Since then, many more Integrated schools have been developed with the intention of proactively bring young people together to support peace building in Northern Ireland.

Kircubbin in Northern Ireland is an idyllic scenic village half way between Newtownards and Portaferry on the East side of Strangford Lough. The other side of the lough is close to “Van Morrison Country” including “Coney Island”, “Ardglass” and “St. John’s Point”.