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Pre-Natal Diagnosis Support & Information Leaflet

Patau’s Syndrome T13 Edwards’ Syndrome T18

Pre-Natal Diagnosis Support & Information Leaflet


Our revised Leaflet was launched at our Autumn Break/AGM on 8th October 2022. This followed the revision of our handbook “Why Our Baby?”

Under the heading “When You Receive the Diagnosis” we recommend looking at the “Pathway for the Management of Fatal Fetal Anomalies/Life Limiting Conditions diagnosed during Pregnancy” Chapter 5 Pre-Natal Diagnosis in “Why Our Baby?” book.

If  parents opt for a termination we recommend a full chromosomal analysis beforehand.

We also advise parents to be aware of Confined Placental Mosaicism (CPM). This occurs when the tissue of the placenta has an abnormal number of chromosomes, but the fetus has a normal number of chromosomes.

Our revised Leaflet also refers to new T13 and T18 stories on our website and in our handbook “Why Our Baby?”

Also see “Why Our Baby?” Chapter 5 Pre – Natal Diagnosis

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(Print Doubled Sided on Short Edge)