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Special Birthday Celebration in aid of SOFT

Special Birthday Celebration

In aid of SOFT



Maria Moynihan made a donation on GivenGain to SOFT Ireland direct. Thank you for your generous donation. This is opportune at this particular time and the committee very much appreciate it. The donation was from her recent special birthday celebration and in memory of Danann T18. Instead of gifts people were asked to make a donation if they wished, to be split between SOFT and Feileacain. This should encourage others to do something similar as it was a fantastic idea. At least it plants the idea and it is still a good news story. We need more of them these days especially after the disappointment of the Late Late Toy Show Appeal Grant!  It helps us to support families of children diagnosed and born with Patau’s Syndrome (Trisomy 13) and Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18). All our fundraising is voluntary and so the show must go on.