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Sunday Mirror Sun 03 April 2022

Sunday Mirror Sun 03 April 2022

There is an article by Rita Kavanagh longtime SOFT Member in the Sunday Mirror Sun 03 April 2022. She is writing about her daughter Jessica who was born with Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18). She lived for 6 months approximately.

Irish Mirror Sun 3 Apr 2022

“A heartbroken mum is preparing to bury her daughter for a second time after getting her final remains some 26 years after her death.

Rita Kavanagh, from Ballymun in Dublin, lost her baby Jessica when she was just six months old – on December 18, 1996.

She learned three years later that Temple Street Children’s Hospital had “cut her up” and kept some of her child’s organs – but not her brain.”



Rita’s 80 Kilometre Challenge for Jessica

Rita Kavanagh set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for SOFT Ireland . Rita is a longtime member and did it in memory of her daughter Jessica.

Rita wanted people to join her to make a difference by raising money in aid of SOFT.

Rita thanked people for their contribution for a cause that meant so much to her.

Rita set up a go fund me for SOFT in support of my daughter Jessica in December 2021.

At the end the funds transferred from GO Fund Me through Paypal to SOFT.

SOFT appreciate it as we struggle to raise funds during the pandemic but somehow we always manage.