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Baby Christopher: An avoidable medical tragedy RTE1 Update

Baby Christopher:

An avoidable

medical tragedy



Parents of Baby Christopher talking to Brendan O’Connor on RTE1

Saturday 28 AUG • 28 MINS • BRENDAN O’CONNOR RTE1 Podcast

Rebecca Price and Pat Kiely talk about the tragic loss of their baby.

RTE1 Podcast HERE


Harmony Test

“the test, while marketed at providing 99% accuracy, is only designed to identify a “high risk” of the presence of the trisomys. A follow-up invasive test is required for confirmation.

The devastated couple were asked to come in the following Monday for a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test, which would provide a definitive diagnosis.

The CVS is one of two tests designed for this purpose. The other is amniocentesis, which is considered to be more accurate.