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AIB Fund Douze Points


AIB Fund Douze Points





SOFT Ireland are looking for Douze Points in our AIB Fund Application with closing date Wed 14th June 2023.

This is open to everyone to make a nomination to help SOFT Ireland continue its good work with your help.

We are asking for your support in nominating SOFT Ireland in the AIB Community Fund. This fund seems to be allocated to charities that receive multiple nominations, so this is where we need your help, as every nomination for SOFT will count.  Closing date is June 14th 2023.

To help make the nomination process as easy as possible for you, we have drafted the key information you need for the nomination form below.

We ask you to note that while we are applying initially in the geographical area of Greater Dublin, any funding we are likely to receive will have a knock on benefit for all our SOFT families across the whole country.

One nomination per person will be accepted as per AIB.

What we ask is that you fill out the Nomination Form found here – Community Fund ( HERE

Give your contact information as requested including Name and Email address

Other fields to be filled in are as follows:

Charity Name: SOFT Ireland

Charity Registration Number: 20027094

Charity Location:Greater Dublin Area 

Which Social Theme does your organisation support? Other

Why they should be selected: Suggested wording as follows and feel free to add or subtract within word limit.

The SUPPORT ORGANISATION FOR TRISOMY (S.O.F.T.) is a voluntary group dedicated to providing support, assistance and information for families of children diagnosed and born with Patau’s

Syndrome (Trisomy 13) and Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18) in Ireland. Babies born with these syndromes often have serious life-threatening conditions with developmental delay and a limited life expectancy. Support is provided during pre-natal diagnosis, during the child’s life and after the child’s passing. For families with surviving children, we contribute towards home and family support which includes therapy sessions and respite assistance.  We give assistance to bereaved families to attend family days and an annual conference which allows them to meet with other families, share experiences and provide emotional and practical support to each other.