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Wed18th May 2022


Anam Cara

Below are the meeting available for bereaved parents in the North Dublin area for May.

Our Face to Face meeting for North Dublin will be taking place on 18th May at 7.15 in the Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords.

Our online meeting for Anam Cara North Dublin  will take place Monday 23rd May at 7pm

Both these meetings will be hosted by Bernie Matthews. 

If you know any bereaved parents who would like to join either of these meetings please get them to contact us on 085 288 8888 or As always Anam Cara offer their services free of charge for as long as needed.

Contact Number    085 288 8888

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Anam Cara Videos


Anam Cara facilitates a series of Bereavement Information Evenings throughout the year

Websites or  have a number of resources available for  including a set of videos made by bereaved parents for bereaved parents

Call the Information Line 085 288 8888 or or Anam Cara Northern Ireland please call 028 9521 3120

Please note that these events are open to bereaved parents only.

As Anam Cara will need to confirm numbers for teas, coffees etc, please RSVP to