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Desperately Seeking Fungie!

SEARCHES for Ireland’s most beloved dolphin FIN-ISHED after days without a trace of Fungi’s whereabouts. October 2020!

“Did you see Funghi?. This above all others is the question everybody asks when they hear you have been to Kerry. Well the answer is YES. SOFT Ireland saw Fungi.Our members marched down to the quayside, hired the best two boats available and set out into Dingle Bay. At first we wondered if Fungie would do the honours. Just as we began to think that maybe she was off somewhere else for the day, up she popped, shinny nose breaking the surface followed by the telltale fin.. And then Gone. Was that it? We needn’t have worried. She came up again and again and again.Sometimes in the distance , at other times right beside our boats.. We presume Margaret Casey a word with Fungi beforehand. Certainly our quest for the friendly dolphin was one of the weekend’s highlights”

Autumn SOFT Newsletter 2005 reporting on out Spring Break or Family April 2005? What a weekend!

Fungi is fully grown and likely already in his middle or even old age. By 2020, it was estimated that he was at least 40 years of age and Guinness World Records declared him to be the oldest solitary wild dolphin in the world.

Fungi is a mature wild Bottlenose Dolphin, no one is quite sure of his age but he has been in Dingle for nearly 32 years and the experts say he has a lifespan of between 40 and 50 years. He is about 13 feet in length and weighs around 250kgs.

According to the official version of the story, Fungi is heading for 40 years of age and has been in Dingle since 1983

But as regards Fungie’s disappearance a fisherman told the SOFT Website that Fungie, unlike the rest of Ireland, is able to hang out with his friends and doesn’t have to social distance. If anyone knows where Fungi is please Garda Patrol!

Dingle 2005 Left to right is ?????