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Eastenders the BBC Soap Opera and Edwards’ Syndrome

BBC Eastender’s Whitney and Jack Entertainment Daily

EastEnders BBC1 and RTE1 have emotional Edwards’ baby storyline for Whitney and Zack.

“Eastenders has been working alongside SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices on a new story which will see Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson’s baby diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome.”


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“Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was left shocked in EastEnders when she discovered that she was pregnant after a one night stand with Zack Hudson (James Farrar).

Whitney receives some concerning news about her baby

BBC soap EastEnders is set to tackle a difficult subject in upcoming scenes as Whitney and Zack’s baby storyline takes an emotional turn.

Whitney’s baby will be diagnosed with Edwards’ syndrome.

As Whitney prepares for motherhood, she becomes concerned when she experiences spotting and decides to head to the hospital to get checked out.

However, she is left stunned when the doctor delivers some troubling news about her baby.

In upcoming scenes in EastEnders, Whitney becomes panicked when she experiences spotting.

Whitney is currently pregnant with Zack’s baby following their brief fling last year.

The pair initially agreed to raise the baby together, but he recently decided to remove himself from her life after testing positive for HIV.

But Whitney’s pregnancy takes an unsettling turn when she is given some worrying news.

Kat offers to take Whitney to the hospital, where she is checked out and has a scan.

However, Whitney is shocked when she finds that her ultrasound has flagged up a situation with the baby.

After the scan identifies a birth defect, which prompts further testing, the baby will be diagnosed with Edwards’ syndrome.”

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Pre-Natal Diagnosis Support & Information Leaflet


Patau’s Syndrome T13 Edwards’ Syndrome T18

Pre-Natal Diagnosis Support & Information Leaflet


Our revised Leaflet was launched at our Autumn Break/AGM on 8th October 2022. This followed the revision of our handbook “Why Our Baby?”

Under the heading “When You Receive the Diagnosis” we recommend looking at the “Pathway for the Management of Fatal Fetal Anomalies/Life Limiting Conditions diagnosed during Pregnancy” Chapter 5 Pre-Natal Diagnosis in “Why Our Baby?” book.

If  parents opt for a termination we recommend a full chromosomal analysis beforehand.

We also advise parents to be aware of Confined Placental Mosaicism (CPM). This occurs when the tissue of the placenta has an abnormal number of chromosomes, but the fetus has a normal number of chromosomes.

Our revised Leaflet also refers to new T13 and T18 stories on our website and in our handbook “Why Our Baby?”

Also see “Why Our Baby?” Chapter 5 Pre – Natal Diagnosis

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