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Danann’s Story

Maria Moynihan writes about Danann Atlas Riordan

A wild and precious life

♥♥♥ Danann’s Story ♥♥♥

One of the very first articles I wrote as a newly qualified journalist in 2005 was about the support that SOFT Ireland gave the Rispin and Farrelly families when their sons, Niall and Patrick, were diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome.


Anita Conlon writes about her and Darren’s journey with baby Noah

♥♥♥ Noah’s Story ♥♥♥

Damien and I were overjoyed to discover I was pregnant with our second child


My first SOFT weekend – Moya Verling

Our little boy Fionn was born sleeping on 4th May (my birthday!)…..

Fionn’s Story♥


For Preya May – Joanne Casey

I have a picture of you in my head

Preya May’s Story♥♥♥


Irish Times Article Trisomy 2

The doctors told me my son would not live. He is now 18 months old…..

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Irish Independent Article Trisomy 13

My daughter is proof that the judge was wrong about ‘fatal foetal abnormalities’

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Irish Independent Article Trisomy 18

Against all odds

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Irish Independent Article Trisomy 18

‘I was carrying both life and death and that was very hard’ – Mum who sadly lost one of her precious twins at 32 weeks

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Drogheda Independent Article Trisomy 18

Book aims to fill gap in illness information

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Daily Mail Article

10 extra days to hold him thanks to a ‘cuddle cot’

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‘She was not a baby with a fatal foetal abnormality, she was my baby, and she was perfect’

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Irish Times Article

Breda O’Brien: When ‘fatal’ foetal abnormalities are not so fatal

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Irish Times Article

Fatal foetal abnormality: ‘The kindest thing for our baby was to terminate’

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VeryWellHealth Article

A Story of Misdiagnosis How a wrong diagnosis became a source of motivation

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