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Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical


This is a Mrs Brown Comedy with songs. They came up with an idea to stage a musical to help pay their legal expenses in the film. Included in the Brown Family’s journey are Agnes and Buster who are Jason’s favourites.  The album of the songs is available on




So what is this to do with SOFT?  Well Jason is the connection.

At our Autumn Break we celebrated Jason’s birthday by presenting a tapestry in his absence. The Chairperson went all the way to Galway to deliver it and to meet with Mary his mother. Jason is doing well and has lots of activities to go to including dance and drama.



Sligo General Hospital Open Day


Never one to waste a journey the Chairperson and Web Officer went on to Sligo Hospital for an Open Day where they put up a stand and spoke to lots of interesting people and promoted SOFT. On presenting one nurse with a copy of our Pre Natal Leaflet the response was “Oh we have them upstairs in maternity”. Well done to Paudie as something is working right.




The End of Life Care Co-ordinator in Sligo University Hospital organised the information day for the general public and hospital staff on Bereavement services. This is their third year to run this worthwhile event. Sligo University Hospital who provide healthcare including maternity, cover Sligo, Leitrim, South Donegal and West Cavan.


Jason was looking forward to going to Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical with his older brothers on Fri 13 Dec. Unfortunately he became ill and couldn’t go. His mother wanted another SOFT family to get the tickets. The Chairperson sent out an email after midnight. Anne couldn’t sleep that night and looked at the phone. She knew that Claudia and her friends would love to go and replied straight away. We were all delighted that another SOFT family could avail of the offer.




Can you spot them !!!

Hopefull we can arrange something for Jason when he is better!