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The Prayer

The Prayer

Message from Deirdre Shannon (Official) and myself (Mattieg Gilsenan) to you all. Stay safe and stay positive. A socially distanced duet, from our separate homes this evening, we decided to try out this performance together. “The Prayer”, we hope you like it. if you think others might like it, sure give it a share!

S.O.F.T. Ireland ...Our prayers are for the people who died from Covid-19 and for their families. Pray also for people who are infected with COVID-19 and for SOFT families who are vulnerable at this time.

The Prayer with Mattieg Gilsenan and Deirdre Shannon


and (or play together)

“The Prayer ” Lyrics (Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli Lyrics)


Deirdre Shannon and Matthew Gilsenan

Both from North Meath. Deirdre is sister to Celtic Tenors singer Matthew Gilsenan. Deirdre has performed with the Celtic Tenors. Deirdre was also invited to join the big box office hit Celtic Woman in 2006. Deirdre toured the USA as soloist in this Celtic Woman successful show. She is also connected to S.O.F.T. Ireland.

Celtic Tenors with Deirdre Shannon at Moynalty Parish Church

Celtic Woman with Deirdre Shannon – She Moved Thru the Fair/The Butterfly

Message from our Taoiseach at Total Produce

HSE COVID-19 Information

It is faith that
You lit in us
I feel it will save us