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Coffee Mornings







We hope you and your family are keeping well. At our Autumn Break this year we decided to continue to try and  organise coffee mornings again in aid of SOFT in or around Valentine Week Fri 14th February 2020 or anytime around Early Spring. We know that the ancient Romans celebrated St Valentine’s Day, the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, around 14th February.

We are asking members if they would consider hosting a coffee morning.

The primary functions of this would be to:
1. Raise funds for SOFT Ireland.
2. Promote our organisation.
3. Assure families that we are here to help if or when they need us.


SOFT has been there since 1991 and has been a part of all our lives in some way whether this has been for the short or long term.

So to answer some questions you may have.

(Q) Where and When do we hold event?

(A) Your own home or maybe somewhere in your area e.g. community centre or GAA club.

It’s completely up to each individual to decide when they wish to hold the event whether it is during the week or after Sunday Mass or Service.

(Q) How should I go about arranging a fundraising event?

(A) Simply advertise with posters, leaflets (which we will supply) and social media, invite family and friends to come along to help make tea and coffee and put out some biscuits, cake, apple tart etc.

Set up a donation box at the door and maybe arrange a raffle with small prizes such as bottle of wine, chocolates or biscuits etc. Ask a local business to sponsor a prize.

S.O.F.T. like any group struggle to keep their finances in a healthy state. Any money raised no matter how small will help to keep our organisation afloat especially as we are totally dependent on voluntary support.

This money also goes towards home support for living children and for parents who have lost a child if they need help in any way. It also helps towards our Autumn Break and Family Outing which are so important to both old and new.

When we meet people in our community and share our stories of our special children we often find that some of our neighbours also had special little people in their lives at one time but were never given the opportunity or the time to talk to anyone. This would be an opportunity.

We ask you to please consider our request and if you are interested contact Please let us know if you are running one.


Regards and Thanks

The Fundraising team