Caring for Special Babies & Children/Adults
Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18 - (Patau's/Edward's Syndrome)



Coffee Morning Castletroy Park Hotel

Castrletroy ParK Hotel were delighted to be hosting a coffee morning for Soft Ireland in their Garden Room the morning of Tuesday 18 Feb 2019.

We were looking forward to hosting our annual Soft Ireland coffee morning again! Thank you all for popping in and supporting this worthy cause!

A coffee morning was hosted by Castletroy Park Hotel in aid of SOFT Tuesday 18 Feb 2019. This was held in the Garden Room in Limerick. Thank you to the Castletroy Park Hotel management and staff for their support in hosting this coffee morning and to Nicola Fagan and Michael Fagan from SOFT for making it happen. Thanks so much to everyone for their generosity at Valentine’s!

The primary purpose was to raise funds for SOFT Ireland, promote our organisation and assure families that we are there to help. When we meet people in our community and share our stories of our special children we often find that some of our neighbours also had special little people in their lives at one time but were never given the opportunity or the time to talk to anyone.