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Johnson & Johnson Donate to SOFT

Vistakon Ireland Limerick a Johnson & Johnson Company donate to S.O.F.T. Ireland

Greg Foley had nominated SOFT Ireland for a Charity that Vistakon Ireland a Johnson & Johnson Company could support and luckily SOFT were chosen. Johnson & Johnson in Limerick also ran a few events in house in order to raise some of the money including an ice cream day during the summer and a Copper Coin drive. Both events were pretty successful. S.O.F.T Ireland are very grateful to Johnson & Johnson.

We managed to get both of the young Fagan brothers in on the act as you can see from the pic below. They did a fine job on the day although we believe that the younger brother outsold his older sibling by a margin of 2:1.

Here are some pictures of Greg receiving the Cheque for €1750 for SOFT Ireland and the young Fagan Brothers!

Vistakon Ireland supporting SOFT Ireland

A big thanks to Vistakon Ireland who are supporting SOFT Ireland as their nominated charity for 2017.