Caring For Special Babies & Children
Support Organisation for Trisomy 13/18 - (Patau's/Edward's Syndrome)


Donate Button

  Donate Button We are grateful to all our recent fundraisers Sophie Belle and her mum Nicola, Chloe Marah River Island, Mahon Point Cork and Niamh Matthews and friends. We now have a DONATE button on the front page of our website which makes it very easy for people to...
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Newsletter Sponsorship Appeal

Newsletter Sponsorship Appeal Our eagerly awaited Newsletter will posted to all members and will be dropping through your letterboxes in July. It’s in the new A5 style and full colour and will be filled with information, stories, outings, fundraising, photos and a great deal more. It’s a great way to...
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SOFT “Stay At Home” Virtual Quiz

  SOFT “Stay At Home” Virtual Quiz!!! Sunday 3rd May at 7pm SOFT Ireland invite their members, families and friends to prepare for THE  GREAT STAY AT HOME QUIZ 2020       Here are the Results of the Jury For the Quiz Results Well Done to All Little Buttercup            ...
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  Fundraiser for *Barretstown and SOFT Ireland*       River Island in Mahon Point Cork are doing a fundraiser for SOFT Ireland and Barretstown.  We would really appreciate it if you would share and donate to this GoFundMe. Team River Island Mahon Point Cork are coming together to raise...
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5K Challenge

5K Challenge Niamh Matthews and her friends Aoife, Maeve, Dearbhla and Ruth did a 5K Running Challenge recently in their own area in Co. Louth. They were eager to support a charity during the Covid 19 lockdown and chose SOFT Ireland. We are delighted with their donation.

Sophie Belle Park Cycle for SOFT

Congratulations Sophie Belle and Nicola Have completed the Park Cycle and met their 100Km Target!   Sophie Belle Park Cycle for SOFT On a ha , positive note,  we wanted to tell  you that Sophie-Belle came up with an idea she would like to raise some money for SOFT to...
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Shine Your Light Easter Sat 9pm

“Shine Your Light” Light a SOFT Candle Easter Sat 11 April at 9pm On Easter Saturday at 9pm Irish people were asked to “Shine Your Light” for those who are sick, have lost their lives or their loved ones, for frontline staff, healthcare workers and “those who keep us going...
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