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Newsletter Sponsorship Appeal

Newsletter Sponsorship Appeal

Our eagerly awaited Newsletter will posted to all members and will be dropping through your letterboxes in July. It’s in the new A5 style and full colour and will be filled with information, stories, outings, fundraising, photos and a great deal more. It’s a great way to communicate with our members. The feedback is very positive. A special thank you to all our Newsletter Sponsors last year.

We are appealing for business sponsors again to help defray our costs in these financially challenging times.

Contributions of €250 upwards would be most welcome and will be acknowledged in the Newsletter.

Please respond to soft.newsletters before 30 April.


It’s that time of year again where we give a shout out for SPONSORS NEEDED! and this year it’s more difficult putting this post out there especially with the Covid19 pandemic.

We are currently working on our annual SOFT Newsletter, which is a huge undertaking for us.  Our SOFT Newsletter is a fabulous production and provides a lot of support to many families around the country.

In the past 2 years we have been blessed with our sponsors.

Last year was the first year we had 3 sponsors come on board who kindly supported us by helping sponsor us with the publication & distribution costs of the Newsletter and in return the sponsors got to advertise their logo in the newsletter and an acknowledgement.

If this is something you or your workplace could assist with we would be very grateful to hear from you please email:


SOFT Newsletter 2019 ……………………………….. Front Page and Back Page